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Version: 2024-05-02



This PICS set out the purposes for which your Personal Data may be collected, used, processed, disclosed, transferred and retained in connection with D-ASH and the Services. We are required by the Ordinance to give you the information set out in this PICS before collecting your Personal Data. The terms used in this PICS are defined in Clause 6.


1         Scope of Collection


  1. In order for you to use the Services and for us to provide you with customer service, the following Personal Data will be collected by us or our third-party service providers for purposes detailed in this PICS.:

    • Your mobile phone number during the Service journey;

    • The Personal Data requested during the customer service journey if you message or call our customer service hotline for any customer service support;

    • The Personal Data requested during the registration journey on the D-ASH App (e.g., full name, gender, date of birth, mobile phone number, email address);

    • details of your Designated Bank Account or Designated E-Wallet, so that you can receive partial or full refund transferred from the Services if deemed necessary by our customer service team;

    • details of your Designated Payment Method, so that you can pay through the D-ASH App for the Services you have used; and

    • any other Personal Data that we may request from time to time in order to verify or authenticate your identity and information.

  2. For verification and security purposes, we also collect and store the location data of your taxi trip from trip start to trip end by accessing the location service of the specific vehicle’s taxi meter in order to provide the Services.

  3. Your mobile phone number is mandatory in order for us to provide you with a one-time password for user authentication on the D-ASH App, digital receipt, and subsequent customer service. If you do not provide this items of information, or if any information provided is untrue, inaccurate or incomplete, we may not be able to provide you with part of the Services and part or all of the customer service.

  4. If you provide us with the Personal Data of another individual in connection with D-ASH or the Services, you confirm that you have obtained the consent of the relevant individual to provide his/her Personal Data to us, and for the Personal Data to be used, processed, disclosed, transferred and retained by us in accordance with this PICS.


2         Use of Personal Data


We may use the Personal Data you provide for the following purposes (or any of them):


  1. to process your request for use of the Services, including creating your D-ASH user profile in our system;

  2. conduct customer due diligence and risk assessment

  3. to administer your D-ASH user profile, which include details of your trips, transactions and dealing conducted by you through the Services;

  4. to provide, maintain and operate the Services, including processing, executing and effecting instructions, payments and transactions through the Services, and providing technology support or services for or relating to the Services, and conducting analysis of usage and activity data;

  5. to process, handle or communicate with you in respect of any enquiry, complaint or service support request relating to the Services;

  6. to make your experience using the D-ASH App and the Services more personalized and seamless;

  7. to invite you to participate in our user studies

  8. to prevent, detect or investigate fraud or other illegal activities;

  9. subject to your consent, to send you Direct Marketing materials about services, add-ons, enhancements and products relating to D-ASH and the Services; and

  10. subject to your consent, to allow your participation in the loyalty programmes or marketing activities of our business partners (such as food and beverage merchants and event organizers).


3         Disclosure and Transfer of Personal Data


3.1     To Drivers


  1. Your personal details shared with us, even if a specific Driver has provided you the taxi ride services, will NOT be shared with any Driver directly or indirectly, unless your consent is deliberately received to facilitate any dispute or communication between you and the Driver.


 3.2    To Third-Party Service Providers and Business Partners


  1. We may transfer your Personal Data to any third-party service provider, contractor or sub-contractor who fit the following descriptions, whether in or outside of Hong Kong:

    • those who operates or maintains D-ASH on behalf of us;

    • those who carries out back-end services, administrative services, verification services or information technology services on behalf of us; 

    • those who provides necessary support or services to us to enable us to provide D-ASH and the Services, including any third-party payment gateways used by us; and

    • those who have obtained your consent to send you offers for and information on products, services, or events relevant to you.

3.3     Legal or Compliance


  1. We may disclose and transfer your Personal Data in accordance with any legal or regulatory requirements or any court order applicable to us.

  2. We and/or our third-party service providers and business partners may retain your Personal Data in accordance with our record retention policy and schedule using data centre of our third-party service providers and business partners inside or outside Hong Kong.


4         Your Personal Data Stored By Us


4.1     Access to and Correction of Your Personal Data


  1. You have the right to access to and correct your Personal Data held by us. You can access and view part of the Personal Data held by us by contacting our customer channel

  2. You can correct your Personal Data by contacting our customer service channel.


4.2     Our Policies


  1. If you wish to understand more about the information regarding policies and practices and kinds of personal data held by us, such request should be addressed to, attention to The Data Protection Officer.


5         Language


  1. The English version of this PICS prevails to the extent of any inconsistency between the English and the Chinese versions. Any Chinese version of this PICS is for reference only.


6         Definitions


Unless we specify or the context requires otherwise, the following terms in this PICS have the meanings set out below:


"Designated Bank Account" means a Hong Kong dollar bank account held with a licensed bank in Hong Kong acceptable to us, designated by you to receive Service from us.


"Designated E-Wallet" means a Hong Kong dollar stored e-wallet held with a Stored Value Facility Licensee in Hong Kong acceptable to us, designated by you to receive Service from us.


"Direct Marketing" means sending information or goods, addressed to specific persons by name, via electronic mail, via SMS or any third-party messaging services, or via making telephone calls to specific persons.

“Designated Payment Method” means a credit or debit card issued by an institution acceptable to us, designated by you to receive Services from us.


"Hong Kong" means the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China.


"Internet Site" means any internet site established, operated or maintained by us or for us for or in relation to the Services.


"Mobile Device" means a smartphone or tablet with D-ASH App installed.


"Ordinance" means the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, Cap 486 of Laws of Hong Kong.


"D-ASH" means the software platform that allows individuals to make payments to any merchants, whether individuals or entities, that are allowed on the D-ASH payment platform by Vis Mobility Limited.


"D-ASH App" means the software Mobile Device application which incorporates and utilises D-ASH.


"Personal Data" means any information relating to an individual from which such individual can be identified.


"Services" means the payment services and facilities provided through D-ASH to enable a user to make payments and include all ancillary related services.


“we”, “us”, “our”, the "Company" or the "Group" means Vis Mobility Limited and its holding company and its affiliates, subsidiaries, associated entities and any of the branches and offices (together or individually), its successors and assigns.


“you” or “your” means the person to whom we provide the services hereunder and, where the context permits, includes each of your representatives and lawful successors.

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