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Commitment to build a platform that resolves HKG Taxi's pain-points.

Not just for riders, but also for drivers  --- 
an ecosystem that benefits all! 

D-ASH's founding team were all previously part of the largest Automotive distributor in HK, with heavily involvement in the Mass Transport business on our daily work. 

As kids who are born and raised in Hong Kong, Hong Kong Taxi is a big part of our lives. With work bringing us across the world to Japan, Europe, America and many countries, we have become very proud of how affordable HKG Taxis is. But at the same time, make us wonder why HKG Taxi has not made sizable improvement for the longest time. 

Many digital hailing services have been launched in Hong Kong in the past decade, but that hasn't fundamentally addressed the ever-lasting passenger needs around service, safety, accountability, etc. This is why D-ASH is born - we feel the responsibility to bring forward sustainable change to this industry and help establish a healthier ecosystem, so that all these needs can be addressed with a business model that benefits everyone.



Digital & Business Strategist with a passion for Product & Technology.  Excited to apply previous Retail, FMCG and Finance Experience into DASH



Seasoned Automotive Executive with sales & operation experinece across passenger (luxury+mass), commercial and mass transport sectors

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