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Promoting Digital Payment as the preferred payment method across all scenarios in HK.

Easier, swifter, value-added mobile payment is the way to go.
But available options now don't offer an elevated payment and service experience to consumers. D-ASH is here to solve that.

Start by using D-ASH TAPXI to get around town.
More functions to come to enhance your everyday life. 


HK's Taxi Ride Experience has
not changed for good... ever!

It's still Cash-based, Verbal-Driven, Transaction-Focused

D-ASH TAPXI is here
to change that

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One Tap. Good to Go. 

With our D-ASH TAPXI terminals, riders enjoy a hassle-free digital payment experience without the need to download an App, register an account or wait for lengthy processing. 

Get Moving in simple steps:

1. Tap Card to go cashless

Tap contactless credit card or Apple Pay / Google Pay on your Smartphone or Smart Watch to our D-ASH TAPXI terminals, letting us to verify your payment method's available balance and validity

2. Input Number for receipt

To get a digital receipt summarizing the trip information via WhatsApp or SMS, input your phone number on our D-ASH TAPXI terminal.

3. At Destination? Leave Anytime

Final fare will be auto-settled by our D-ASH TAPXI platform* using your verified credit card credentials. Move on immediately to your next appointment; digital receipt will be sent to your phone shortly.

*3.5% Platform Fee applies to final fare


Riders only need to interact with the D-ASH TAPXI terminals to open up the door to pay taxi fare with digital payment options. Learn more by clicking below.

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Drivers doesn't have to do much more. Open a D-ASH for Driver account, then all needs to be done everyday is to scan meter QR to check-in to vehicle. That's it.  

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